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iBus interface for my E46 BMW written in Python

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iBus interface for my E46 BMW written in Python This is to be used with the USB interface which can be acquired from

The software expects MPD to be working on whatever it is installed on (I use a Raspberry-Pi, if you are interested in doing the same, check out the project page on my blog for a guide! HEAH)


There are 2 main components: - Interfaces with the iBus to emulate a CD-Changer as well as other devices: - Web-Server which creates a web-page that allows a user to:

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The software is not completely finished, and regardless of its state, I shall not accept liability for any damage done by this software (though it is next to impossible due to the nature of the iBus).


I am in the process of illustrating this. At the very least I should let you know there are multiple threads involved in this.